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Imran Khan and Bushra marriage story

Now Bushra Bibi is first lady of Pakistan, wife of Imran Khan Niazi. She born 16 August 1968 Dipalpur, Punjab. Her birth name is Bushra Riaz Wattoo. Her first husband was Khawar Maneka and she has 5 children from Manika. Manika and Bushra got married in 1987 and separate in 2017. She has two sons and three daughters. Imran Khan said in an interview that he loves Sufism and inspired from Bushra Bibi, so I married with her. She teach me a lot and teach me more about religion. Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan first met in 2015. Due to interest in Sufism Imran regularly visited Baba Farid’s shrine. Which is in PakPattan, Punjab. In that tours Imran accommodate himself in Maneka family’s house. Khan gradually met with Bushra who was married, and was Pir or Murshid, some time people call as Pirni. Khan get spiritual calm from her. Then Bushra involve with Imran closely and got divorced from her husband and married with Imran Khan, the captain.