Nida Chaudhary Pakistani chubby dancer

Nida Chaudhary is hot and chubby Pakistani mujra dancer or stage dancer. The live mujra dance is very popular in all Pakistan. In Lahore and many other cities of Pakistan, these dancers perform live on stage. After that recording of these dances they convert into CDs for selling in country and abroad.

Top 10 Pakistani actresses earn for 1 episode

In 2018 we get information of Pakistani actress who earn more than others. Our collection revealed for only Tv’s one episode earnings. These actresses also working in Pakistani and Indian movies, we did not emerge that earning. You can guess that who is earning more than other Pakistani actresses, here is count down.

10. Syra Shehroz (Earning per episode: 1.6 lacks)

9. Aamina Sheikh (Earning per episode: 2.1 lacks)

8. Sanam Saeed (Earning per episode: 2.4 lacks)

7. Ayeza Khan (Earning per episode: 2.6 lacks)

6. Sajal Ali (Earning per episode: 2.7 lacks)

5. Sanam Baloch (Earning per episode: 2.8 lacks)

4. Mawra Hocane (Earning per episode: 2.9 lacks)

3. Saba Qamar (Earning per episode: 3 lacks)

2. Mehwish Hayat (Earning per episode: 3.1 lacks)

1. Mahira Khan (Earning per episode: 4.1 lacks)

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